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Feedback on us!

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Parents’ Feedback

Vianne Lau
Age: 1 year old
Module: Semester
Course: BW in Little Aristle
Parents: Janet and Vincent

What brings you and Vianne to Little Aristle?

I like the teachers here very much. They are all very proactive in making interaction with the children here and are enthusiastic in developing deep bonding with both students and parents. On top of that, the small class learning environment also provides Vianne and I with a high level of comfort and attentiveness. I can say Little Aristle has by far given us the best experience we have had with learning centres.

How does Little Aristle help you and Vianne?

Vianne has always appeared to be quite a fast learner. Since we started our classes with Little Aristle, Vianne has become even more attentive and patient when I teach her things at home. She has also shown more curiosity towards the world around her. For example, when seeing new toys and other items at home, she would often pick them up, play with them and examine them carefully. She has also shown great improvement in social skills. She now knows how to interact and share with others, often sharing her favorite panda doll “dada” with her cousins and other family friends!

Would you like to share some parenting tips with us?

I think a key to parenting is to really spend more time with your baby. When Vianne was 4 months old, I started to read “Baby Einstein” and other story books to her for about 3 hours every day. At the beginning, I wasn’t sure if she was even listening, let alone understanding the content or giving me any response. But when she reached 6 months old, after I finished reading some books that she liked, she would pass me back the book to show me that she wanted to listen to the story again! By now, she can identify and pronounce the names of more than 30 types of animals! She can also incorporate simple daily phrases like “bath”, “dirty” into her own speech. I truly believe babies do learn even though they might not be able to give you feedbacks. I recommend that parents should start home teaching for your kids from an early age. Story-telling is a good way to start, as it also helps you build good relationship with your baby!

Parents’ Feedback

Richard Chan & Albert Chan
Age: 2 years old & 12 years old
Module: Semester
Course: Richard (T2 in Little Aristle)
Albert (Creativity and Critical Thinking)
Parents: Mrs Chan and Mr Chan

What brings you and your two sons to Little Aristle?

I came across the website of Little Aristle when I was browsing the Internet and searching for learning centres for my sons. Attracted by the website content, I arranged a free individual consultation session with Ms. Wu, an education consultant at Little Aristle. During our meeting, I was very impressed by her in-depth insights into my gifted sons! She really spoke my mind! Besides all these good customer services, I also like the location of the centre. The neighborhood (Mid-level) is very clean and quiet and thus, provides a very good learning environment for my sons!

What do you like about Little Aristle?

Good parent-school relationship! I really appreciate the efforts that consultants and teachers have made in maintaining good relationships with parents! They are all very supportive and provide me with lots of useful feedback and advices! Besides, I also love the fun learning environment here. Instead of doing lots of boring and routine exercises, my sons learn through playing games and doing interesting tasks. They both love going to classes at Little Aristle, saying that it’s fun!

Would you like to share some parenting tips with us?

(giggling) I guess it is important that you know when to appear to be an authoritative figure and when to leave that image behind and play or talk with your children like a best friend. Of course, to communicate well with your children, you have to learn to be very (very) patient.

Students’ Feedback

Norm Yeung
Age: 9 years old
Module: Semester
Course: Creativity and Naturalist
Parents: Sarena

Have you ever faced any difficulties during your Naturalistic classes?

For the basics, it is fairly easy to learn and understand.  However, when it comes to more advanced topics, such as genus and biology of rare species like the giant squid, it's not easy.

What themes do you like the most in your Naturalistic classes?

I like topics related to zoology science the most!

Is your learning path smooth and gentle?

No. At the beginning, I sometimes cried when I could not understand some concepts or materials … But when weeks went by, I have become more mature. Now, I seldom cry unless something really hurts me. In the past, I found many things impossible, especially when the teacher explained something complicated or unusual. Like the giant squid, I once thought that it's just a myth. Now, I understand that's science! Once you start exploring, you learn the truth and you learn the knowledge.

Can you share with us some of the favourite topics you have learnt in your Naturalistic classes?

Giant squid is the most unforgettable class I have had. I even built my own giant squid in that class! I also like the class Water cycle. I can now draw the whole cycle. Recently, I also came across this at school.  Rafflesi is another interesting class that I had. I never knew there is such kind of flower before!

Who is your favorite teacher?

I like many teachers here. If I have to choose, I would pick Ms. Lee and Ms. Lo. Ms. Lee is my teacher for Naturalistic classes. I really like the way she teaches us. She is very kind. She always shows me different videos that are very interesting. One time, she even helped me build my own giant squid!


Teacher’s Comments:

I am very impressed by Norm’s maturity in his feedback. I am happy to know that he enjoyed many of my classes and that he has grown and learnt a lot throughout the course. Norm is a very intelligent and gifted student. He knows much more than what an average 9 years old child should know. Thus, I always need to design classes that are more challenging and special for him. Although this often takes me quite a lot of time in planning my classes, It all pays off when I see Norm enjoying the classes and learning more about the world around us.